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The sheet mask prevents the lack of nutrients in the deep layers of the dermis, restoring the lost velvety, radiance and elasticity of the skin, and the powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory characteristics of propolis help to reduce the number of breakouts and accelerate the regeneration processes.

Also the mask: <br> 🍃 relieves dryness and flaking<br> 🍃 increases firmness and elasticity<br> 🍃 colloidal gold moisturizes<br> 🍃 rejuvenates the skin by neutralizing the activity of toxins and free radicals<br> 🍃 propolis extract eliminates inflammation, irritation, redness and itching<br> 🍃allantoin tightens enlarged pores, stimulates the healing of wounds and scratches<br> 🍃arginine improves blood microcirculation, evens out and refreshes the complexion<br> 🍃 gives a fresh and rested look

Mask with propolis extract and gold ✨Wellderma Honey Ext Smooth Essential Mask (Gold) 65 UAH
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