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Sheet mask with marine collagen helps the skin that suffers from dryness to get saturated with beneficial substances 💊and shine with a healthy glow again✨

🍃 keeps the epidermis hydrated, removes fine wrinkles and smoothes the skin texture<br> 🍃 rejuvenates, refreshes and gives elasticity<br> 🍃 designed for dry skin<br> 🍃 copes with flaking, makes the face smooth and soft to the touch<br> 🍃 shea butter and olive oil nourish the skin<br> 🍃 the composition includes calendula, arginine, ceramide-3, which perfectly affect the epidermis, soothe and nourish.

Тканевая маска с морским коллагеном 🤍Wellderma Collagen Impact Essential Mask (Sapphire)🤍 65 UAH
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